Why is the ticket closed while the problem has not been solved yet?

We have several rules which are automatically performed by our Support system to make ticket handling more efficient. They are:


  1. Reminder: we are waiting for your response on ticket - we are always willing to entirely resolve the problem a customer faces, although need your assistance and feedback. Please, make sure to let us know up-to-date state of the problem or resolution success.
  2. Automatically resolve tickets after 72 hours waiting on customer - please, note that we cannot perform an investigation without requested information and/or reaction to suggested solution(s). If the customer does not  provide us with the required details within stated period - we suggest to close the ticket. If further investigation is still required you can easily reopen the ticket at any time by sending a reply to the latest message in the ticket.
  3. Automatically close resolved tickets after 24 hours - the issue is considered to be entirely settled if no reply was received within 24 hours after the ticket resolution.